Purchase guidance

Buying a property on the Costa Blanca is an exciting and sometimes complicated process for many people. We help you in your search for your dream home at the right price. We select different homes for you based on your wishes and demands.

We can all see if a home looks nice, but to see the real value of a property, you usually need professional guidance. For this you can rely on Tu Casa Perfecta because we will give you an independent and honest report of the property selected by you and based on a detailed checklist. We check all aspects that are involved in the valuation of a house.

If necessary, we offer a structural engineer to correctly measure and check the property.

Tu Casa Perfecta guides you through the property viewings. We check the condition of the property and make a prognosis of the real value based on our expertise. If adjustments or renovations are necessary, we can provide an estimate so that you know what the total cost will be.

Of course we aim and negotiate for the best price. As purchase guides on the Costa Blanca, we have the experience and the know-how to do this well. We work in an independent way for the benefit of the customer and without emotion. This ensures that in almost all cases we end up at a sales price that is lower than the original asking price.

Our compensation is therefore calculated on the difference between the asking price and the final sales price, in such a way you don’t have to pay anything extra! Win win!

If desired, you and our English-speaking lawyer can carefully review the purchase agreement in advance. This way you are assured that you only sign for what you actually want to agree on.

This transparent way of guidance ensures that you can proceed quickly and with peace of mind to the purchase of your home in Spain.